The Catechetical Institute

At the Catholic Community of St. Thomas More, where I am the Director of Elementary and Adult Faith Development, we have recently implemented a new program for Catechists Formation created by the  Catechetical Institute of the Diocese of Raleigh.

The Institute provides a Pre-Service Certificate for new catechists based upon the book The Catechists Toolbox by Joe Paprocki.

This is followed by six doctrine  courses over three years as follows:

2009-2010 Creed (Fall) Scripture (Spring)
2010-2011 Liturgy (fall) Sacraments (Spring)
2011-2012 Morality (Fall) Christian Prayer (Spring)

We have been presenting the Creed course this semester, of which there are six sessions, and I will begin to post them below. I recorded these on an iPod, so the sound quality is not the best, but you can hear the voices of the presenters reasonably well, and the voices of other people in the room not so clearly.

However, I hope that the discussions are still interesting and valuable, in the first instance to other St. Thomas More parishioners, and to other people further afield as well.


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