WCOM Radio “Touchstones”

Not long before Easter in 2008 I received a call from Paul Nagy, who at the time hosted a radio program about local religious issues and people at WCOM radio in Carrboro, NC. Paul asked me to appear on his show and to be interviewed about my adult education work at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Chapel Hill, NC. I agreed, and I was interviewed just a few days after Easter.

One item I discussed was the JustFaith program at St. Thomas More, a 30 week course on Catholic Social Teaching. Paul was so interested in this that he signed up for JustFaith in August 2008 and completed the course in April 2009.  He interviewed me again a second time, just after Christmas.

Paul is a very interesting and knowledgeable fellow, and a wonderful conversation partner, so these are two very interesting interviews. The sound quality is very good for the first interview, and rather poor for the second, because of equipment failure at WCOM.

Touchstones at Easter: Touchstones – Easter 2008

Touchstones at Christmas: Touchstones – Christmas 08


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