The Sacrifice of Christ and the Eucharist

Talk recorded at St. Thomas More, April 29th 2010.
The Sacrifice of Christ and the Eucharist
Following the conclusion of the Catechetical Institute course on ‘A Catholic Understanding of Scripture’ we decided to have a few more sessions to discuss topics of interest.
In this, we looked at some biblical texts and how they can help us to understand the meaning of the death of Jesus as a sacrifice, and how it connects with the Eucharist.
1 Corinthians 11 – why is this text familiar to us? It is the heart of all the Eucharistic Prayers
There are Institution Narratives in Matthew, Mark, Luke an 1 Corinthians, but not John. We herard the story of Jesus death during Holy Week, from the Synoptic Gospels on Passion Sunday and John on Good Friday.
Exodus 12 – description of the Passover. Jesus and his disciples were celebrating this, and Jesus transformed it into the Eucharist.
Romans 5:6-21 – What words Paul uses to describe the death of Jesus? What is the basis of Paul’s argument that Jesus’s death takes away our sins? To whom does Paul compare Jesus? What is the main point Paul is trying to make?
Connection of all these Scriptures with the liturgy of Holy Week and Easter.
Does God turn away from Jesus on the Cross, because he is so loaded with sin? No, becuse there is always unity between the members of the Trinity.
The death of Jesus in John’s Gospel.
The priesthood and sacrifice of Jesus in Hebrews. Note that is is centered upon the Day of Atonement sacrifice rather than the Passover. See Leviticus 16.
All this sacrificial language can be found in the texts of the Mass, and very often in the Biblical readings, especially the Second Readings and the Psalms.

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