King Henry VIII and the Church of England

This is a talk for the Diocese of Raleigh “Spirits and Wisdom” group, which covers – in brief – many topics:

  • The story of Martin Luther
  • The beginning of the Reformation
  • King Henry VIII of England and his argument with the Pope about divorcing his wife Catherine of Aragon
  • St. Thomas More’s resistance to Henry and his martyrdom
  • The origins of the Church of England
  • The influence upon the Church of England of both Luther and Calvin
  • Three centuries of persecution of Catholics in England
  • The restoration of Catholicism in England in the 19th century
  • John Henry Newman and the Oxford Movement
  • Relations between the Catholic and Anglican Churches today
  • The upcoming Beatification of Cardinal Newman by Pope Benedict during his upcoming visit to England

… all over dinner, in 40 minutes, while riding a bicycle and juggling flaming torches!

I apologize for the poor sound quality, caused by air conditioning which was so strong as to blow the lettuce off my plate!

King Henry VIII and the Church of England


2 Responses to “King Henry VIII and the Church of England”

  1. Leslie Richard Says:

    Great review of history!


  2. James Hynes Says:

    My mother is a History teacher and I am going to ask her if I did a good job with this. I am taking a copy of the talk home to Wales with me next week.


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