Catechetical Institute: Introduction to Liturgy

On September 23rd 2010 we presented the first session of ‘Introduction to Liturgy’ the latest course from the Catechetical Institute of the Diocese of Raleigh. Further details of the course are available on the Catechist Formation page of the St. Thomas More web site, and there are also further web resources associated with the program.

The recordings for the first session are many and brief, because most participants did not receive the assigned book ‘Liturgy with Style and Grace’ by Gabe Huck and Gerald Cinchar, until the session, and we had many pauses to read the text.

Introduction – Liturgy 1 – Part 1

  • Introduction of Participants – Liturgy 1 – Part 2
  • Questions about the new Roman Missal
  • Full, conscious and active participation
  • Liturgy as ‘the work of the people’ – Liturgy 1 – Part 3
  • Liturgy expresses the unity of the Church
  • Eucharistic Prayers
  • Liturgy connected with the Incarnation and the Unity of the Church – Liturgy 1 – Part 4
  • Attention and Reverence in the Liturgy

Liturgy and the use of symbols – Liturgy 1 – Part 5

Challenges in the Liturgy – Liturgy 1 – Part 6

Notes for this session (pdf) Liturgy Session 1


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