Catholic Biblical School – Part I.1 – The Call of Moses – Exodus 1-6

On September 21st 2010 we began the new Catholic Biblical School program, in which we will read and study every book of the Bible over four years. This series is the successor to the Denver Bible School which we have twice presented at St. Thomas More, and many recordings of those discussions are available on For Catholic Grownups.

This episode includes an introduction to:

How Catholics read the Bible

  • The format of the class
  • Finding God in history, rather than mythology
  • The Four Source Theory

and Exodus 1-6

CBS 1 – Exodus 1-6

Enthusiastic listners might like to hear this same discussion from the Denver Bible School, five years ago: DBS – Year 1-1 Exodus 1-6DBS – Year 1-1 Exodus 1-6 Part 2


2 Responses to “Catholic Biblical School – Part I.1 – The Call of Moses – Exodus 1-6”

  1. Leslie Richard Says:

    Thank you so much for recording these lectures Jim. I’m trying to catch up with the group and this makes it possible. Also, I’m sure it will be a great way to go back a remember things from class.


  2. James Hynes Says:

    Leslie, Thank you very much for your kind words, and I am glad you are enjoying the recordings. I hope you can catch up and join the class soon. Please let me know any other comments or questions you have.


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