CBS – II.5 – Noah, Babel; Genesis 6-11

Recorded on January 18, 2011.

CBS – Genesis 6-11

The discussion recognized that the story of Noah’s Ark is two versions woven together, with many repetitions, duplications and contradictions. The background to the story is the increase of sin in the world, and God’s response of making a new beginning and a new covenant.

The second story, the Tower of Babel,  is another reflection on how sin came into the world, and is an ‘etiological’ story,  i.e. one which explains the origin of different human customs and practices, in this case the multiplication of human languages and the conflicts between nations.

We circulated two pictures, one of what (Babylonian temple towers) really looked like:









and the other one, Bruegel’s famous painting of the Tower of Babel:




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