CBS – III.5 – David and Nathan – 2 Samuel 2-12

Recorded March 22nd 2011

This week we read of many episodes in the life of David. Several stand out:

  • Chapter 2 – David is anointed King
  • Chapter 5 – Capture of Zion, which became Jerusalem
  • Chapter 6 – The Ark of the Lord is brought to Jerusalem, and David dances in front of the Ark
  • Chapter 7  – The Lord promises to “build a house” for David. This is the origin of the Messianic hope of both Jews and Christians.
  • Chapter 11 – David sins by adultery with Bathsheba, and by having her husband Uriah killed.
  • Chapter 12 – David repents upon hearing Nathan’s parable

CBS – 2 Samuel 2-12

We also considered how the Messianic promises are expressed in the Psalms (Psalm 89) and by early Christians in understanding that Jesus is the promised Messiah, the “son of David”  (Acts 2:29-36)


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