CBS I.7 Luke 3:1-9:50

Recorded November 22nd 2011.

After having studied Mark’s Gospel a few weeks ago, we are now in a position to compare Luke with Mark, and so begin our first exercise in “Redaction Criticism”, to investigate how Luke edited Mark’s work and added other material (either from ‘Q’, the source of material common to Luke and Matthew, or from ‘L’, his own unique source), to give his own emphasis to the story of Jesus.

This calls to mind the three stages of formation of the Gospels outlined in n.19 of the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation Dei Verbum from Vatican II:

  1. the experience of Jesus’ words and deeds and death and resurrection of his immediate witnesses
  2. the period of oral transmission and retelling of the traditions about Jesus
  3. the process of selection and editing by the Gospel writers which resulted in the Four Gospels in the New Testament canon.

We discovered certain key values and themes characteristic of Luke’s Gospel: fulfillment of prophecy, salvation history, a concern for the poor, the sick, the outcast, women; the action of the Holy Spirit, prayer, table fellowship.

CBS – Luke 3-9


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