Catechetical Institute: Spirituality 2

Recorded February 2nd 2012.

The second session in the Spirituality course began with a consideration of Prayer in the New Testament, so we began with the Magnificat, Mary’s vivid prayer in Luke chapter 1. Then we looked at the prayer of Jesus, as the model of all Christian prayer.

Session 2 Outline

CI – Spirituality 2A

We then considered the family as the school of prayer, the place of the saints in our prayers, and distinguished between veneration of the saints and worship given to God alone:

  • Dulia -the Latin term for veneration, given to the saints
  • Hyperdulia – special veneration, given to Mary
  • Latria – worship, given to God alone

CI – Spirituality 2B

Today we looked at the Franciscan tradition of spirituality, led by Keri, who has a special devotion to St. Francis. Franciscan spirituality is marked by devotion to Christ in his humanity, so has an emphasis on loving humility, awe and gratitude. Franciscans are committed to a God-centered poverty, and to service and hospitality, especially to the poor. They emphasize joy and a strong community life, with devotion to Mary and an appreciation of the unity and goodness of creation.

CI – Spirituality 2C

We ended with a rendition of St. Francis’ famous song, the Canticle of the Sun.


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