CBS II.7 – Romans 1-4

Recorded February 21st 2012

Today we had a very exciting session with the first four chapters of Romans. I quoted commentator John AT Robinson who said that Romans is the ‘heaviest’ of all Paul’s writings, and that it is one of the most formative and influential documents in all Christian history. He noted that Saint Augustine based his exposition of Original Sin and God’s Grade on chapters 5 and 7 of Romans, and that Martin Luther based his doctrine of justification by faith alone on chapters 3 and4, likewise Jon Calvin and divine predestination based upon chapters 9 and 11, and also John Wesley and his gospel of grace abounding on chapters 6 and 8.

We tackled these topics:

  • Why the Gentiles (without the Law of Moses) deserve condemnation
  • Why the Jews (who have the Law) deserve condemnation
  • How our consciences condemn us
  • How the Law condemns us
  • Abraham justified by his faith

CBS – Romans 1-4


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