CBS – II.8 Romans 9-16

Recorded March 6th.

Topics included Paul’s concern for the Jewish people and their apparent rejection of the Gospel message. He argues that this is in fact a manifestation of God’s mercy, to allow time for the Gentiles to hear the message (chapters 9-11).

Paul then addresses various issues in the community, in a similar manner to his other letters:

  • There are “many parts in one body”, i.e. many different gifts for ministry in the Church
  • Mutual love in the community
  • Obedience to civil authorities
  • Readiness for the end times
  • Consideration for people with a weak conscience
  • Patience and self-denial
  • Paul’s ministry as an Apostle
  • Paul’s travel plans

The letter ends with greetings to many people and a final blessing.

CBS – Romans 9-16



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