Catechetical Institute: Spirituality 5 – The Lord’s Prayer

Recorded March 15th 2012.

The chapter in “We Pray” reflects upon the whole of salvation history throughout the whole of the Scriptures as human response in prayer to God’s call. The author gives particular attention to the Psalms, and also the Wisdom tradition and the Prophets. Each one gives us a model for prayer: to praise and worship God, to strive to live a good life, and to be challenged to confront complacency and sin.

CI – Spirituality 5A

This leads to a consideration of Jesus’ own prayer,  the Our Father, which I am sure reflects how Jesus himself prayed to God his Father. I see each line in the prayer as a “chapter heading” for different movements in his prayer, rather than as something to rattle off quickly.

CI – Spirituality 5B

Our featured form of spirituality this week is Salesian, named after St. Francis de Sales, characterized by much warmth and practical wisdom for living a godly life in everyday situations and relationships.

CI – Spirituality 5C


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