CBS: Revelation 1-3

Recorded on May 22nd 1012.

After getting a taste fro Apocalyptic Christianity in the synoptic Gospels last week, we looked at its most developed form in the New Testament, the Book of Revelation.

We notes several characteristics of this book:

  • There is much symbolic language, which at first seems obscure to us, but it is in most cases rooted in the Old Testament prophetic tradition, and can thus be interpreted to make sense to us.
  • The footnotes in the New American Bible give an excellent key to this.
  • The book is intended to give hope and encourage endurance to the early Christians under persecution, and to assure them of God’s final triumph and the promise of eternal life.
  • The text is replete with many titles of Christ, indicating his divine knowledge and power.

The first three chapters include seven “Letters to the Churches” all of which have the same format:

  • identifying the speaker as Christ through a different title every time;
  • a message of admonition or warning;
  • a message of reassurance and promise.

CBS – Revelation 1-4


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