CBS: Jonah

Recorded January 2nd 2014

Jonah-and-the-Whale-Roberta-Rivera-feb-24-2012-copy-2In the popular imagination the story of Jonah is associated with a whale, and not much more. The creature is in fact a big fish, not a whale, and there is much more to the story. It is a very humorous story of a reluctant prophet.

Jonah does the opposite of what a prophet is expected to do. Unlike Isaiah and Jeremiah who say, “Here I am Lord, send me” Jonah when instructed to go East to Nineveh goes West to Tarshish, on the Atlantic coast of Spain, to get as far away from God as he can! He is in many ways reluctant, grumpy and ungrateful, in contrast to the reviled Ninevites who repent right away when they hear the Word of God.


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