CBS: Tobit

Recorded January 16th, 2014

bernardostrozzi_thehealingoftobitThe Book of Tobit is unusual in the Biblical canon, though one can say that about many Biblical books! This one was originally written in Aramaic, but until recent discoveries among the Dead Sea Scrolls was known only in Greek, hence it is numbered among the deuterocanonical books. More than perhaps any other it has the form of a religious novel, though it has many affinities in teaching with the Wisdom books. It was written by an anonymous author, probably early in the second century BC.

Tobit, from whose name the title derives, was a pious Israelite among the deportees to Nineveh. He suffers some persecution by his pagan neighbors, in part because of his practice of burying the dead. He becomes blinded from bird droppings falling into his eyes, which leads him to recite a pslam, praying for death (Chapter 3). Meanwhile, in the town of Ecbanta in Media, a pious young woman named Sarah is suffering because a demon has killed her new husband on her wedding night, seven times! She too prays for death, but God hears both their prayers, and sends the angel Raphael to rescue them both. Thus begins one of the most touching and amusing stories in the Bible. It would make a wonderful romantic movie, something in the style of The Princess Bride!



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