Catholic Biblical School: Daniel 7-12

Recorded March 6th, 2014

Daniel Four Kingdoms

Daniel 7-12 is very different from Daniel 1-6 and 13-14. First of all, it is written in Hebrew whereas the rest is in Greek. (This raises an interesting issue in Protestant Bibles, where only the Hebrew sections are regarded as canonical.) It is written in an apocalyptic style, which includes a lot of obscure symbolic language. it’s teaching is that the pagan nations have risen in vain against God, and while at first they seem victorious, each will be in turn overthrown, and in the end God and his kingdom will triumph. The prophet calls his hearers to right conduct, to trust in divine control over events, and to be certain that in the end God will triumph.

The Picture above is an illustration of the vision of the Fourth Beast in Daniel Chapter 7. The picture below is a modern interpretation of it, when modern nations are seen as fulfilling what Daniel had to say. This is a contentious and stupid form of interpretation. Daniel was not interested in the events of the 21st century!



Daniel has given us several expressions in every day use, to describe someone as having ‘feet of clay’ comes from the vision of the Beast above, and last week we heard the incident about the ‘writing on the wall’.

For Christians Daniel has a value as a prophecy of the Messiah, especially the “Son of Man” in 7:13. Danile also forsees the resurrection, in 12:2-3, a text often used at funerals.


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