“Two Kinds of Searchers” The Scriptures of Advent and Christmas, Part 2

Epiphany Bonfigli

Recorded November 6th, 2014

The second topic of “Joy to the World” is ‘Two Kinds of Searchers’, Matthew 2:1-23. The first searchers are the Wise Men who come to worship Jesus, and the second are King Herod and his followers who seek to destroy him. Thus even in the Infancy stories the Gospel writers show how the coming of Jesus will bring controversy and division.

The painting of the Epiphany (by Bonfigli) above seems strange because it also depicts the crucifixion of Jesus. Why spoil the gentle story of Christmas with the brutality of Good Friday? Because Matthew’s Gospel is already “casting the shadow of the cross” over the nativity, in the story of Herod’s persecution,and the flight to Egypt. Read this excellent article from The Tablet by Bishop Nicholas DeMarzio, on this picture.

“Joy to the World” Part Two:

I couldn’t help adding one more picture, this by Brother Mickey McGrath, of “The Flight Into Egypt”. I love the Holy Spirit up in a tree!:

Holy Family small

Finally, a musical recommendation which copyright forbids me from publishing. Try to find the version of “We Three Kings” by Patti Smith. It is very dark, so it reflects the tone of the story very well! Just in case you question my reference to a feminist punk rocker, do you know that Pope Francis has asked her to sing for him at Christmas? I bet she sings it then!


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